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哈萨克斯坦 十二头身排球宝贝

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萨比娜·阿勒腾别科娃(Сабина Абаевна Алтынбекова),哈萨克斯坦著名女排运动员。国家妇女事务和家庭人口政策委员会成员。

Sabina aletengbekova, a famous Kazakh woman volleyball player, is a famous female volleyball player in Kazakhstan. Member of the National Committee on women's affairs and family population policy.


1996年11月5日出生,萨比娜出生于哈萨克斯坦阿克托比。公元15世纪末建立哈萨克汗国。16世纪初哈萨克部族基本形成,分为三玉兹,即大、中、小玉兹(清文献称右、左、西三部),18世纪中叶曾归顺清王朝, [2-4] 但到19世纪中叶皆被俄罗斯帝国侵吞。1936年以哈萨克苏维埃社会主义共和国并入苏联,成为苏联加盟共和国之一。1991年12月16日独立,成立哈萨克斯坦共和国。

Born on November 5, 1996, Sabina was born in aktobi, Kazakhstan. The Kazakh Khanate was established at the end of the 15th century. At the beginning of the 16th century, Kazakh tribes were basically formed and divided into three Yuzi, i.e. big, middle and small Yuzi (right, left, and West) in Qing Dynasty. In the middle of 18th century, Kazakh tribes were conquered by Russian Empire. In 1936, Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic was merged into the Soviet Union and became one of the Soviet Union's joined republics. On December 16, 1991, it became independent and established the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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Sabina's father is a skier and her mother is a track and field player. She started playing volleyball in 2011 because she was selected into the high school volleyball team.



When Sabina participated in the 17th Asian young women's Volleyball Championship in 2014, she was popular in the media due to her outstanding appearance. But the "Twelve headed beauty" did not seem to have learned to face the reality of his own popularity. I was shocked. Sabina rushed to her parents for help. As a result, her mother said to her, "don't worry, it's a good thing." Dad also said: "this is because my daughter is beautiful, more and more people like you, dad is proud of you." Sabina was relieved.



With the growth of fame, the invitation from the entertainment industry poured in, but the young athlete turned off most of the invitation.


Sabina said she hopes to finish her studies without interruption, and that becoming a volleyball player is her plan for her life rather than being an entertainment star.



As a volleyball player, Sabina certainly has her own idol, that is former Russian women's volleyball captain gamova. Sabina once posted a picture of gamova on social networking sites and boldly "confessed," saying, "I love gamova, you are the best However, Sabina still has a long way to go to reach gamova's height in volleyball.




From July 16 to 24, 2014, the Asian Volleyball Federation held the 17th Asian Youth Women's Volleyball Championship in Taiwan. Sabina participated in the competition as a reserve member of Kazakhstan women's volleyball team, which was her first international competition.

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2015年,萨比娜加盟日本GSS Sunbeams球队,并于2016年回归阿拉木图排球俱乐部。2019年,她与阿联酋排球队签署合同,并在赛季中期受伤,未能继续参加其余赛事。

Sabina joined the Japanese GSS sunbeams team in 2015 and returned to Almaty volleyball club in 2016. In 2019, she signed a contract with the UAE volleyball team and was injured in the middle of the season and was unable to continue to compete in the rest of the competition.

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2020年7月5日,哈萨克斯坦排球美女萨比娜·阿勒腾别科娃(Sabina Altynbekova)近日正式加盟意大利职业排球队Volalto SSD。Volalto SSD球队4日官方宣布,球队与哈萨克斯坦运动员签署了为期2年的合同。

On July 5, 2020, Sabina altynbekova, a volleyball beauty from Kazakhstan, recently joined the Italian professional volleyball team volalto SSD. The volalto SSD team has signed a two-year contract with Kazakstan players, the team said on Thursday.


Volalto SSD是意大利女子排球A1级联赛球队。萨比娜在球队还将担任?形象大使?,进一步提高球队的关注度。

Volalto SSD is an A1 level Italian women's volleyball team. Sabina will also serve as "image ambassador" in the team to further enhance the team's attention.